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Wampanoag Kennel Club


Wampanoag Members and membership

Becoming a member of the Wampanoag kennel club will introduce you to a wonderful group of people who share common interests in the dog community.

You will have the opportunity to get a discounted fee at some of our training classes, and join us for our pot luck dinners, summer picnic, Christmas party, and other club oriented get togethers

Click this link to download our membership application

Membership process; The applicant will fill out the application. 2 general meetings need to be attended, and the application is read at these meetings, as well as at the board meeting which takes place between the 2 general meetings. The applicant also needs a sponsor to sign for them.

General membership meetings are the first Tuesday of each month, with the exception of January, July, August (summer club picnic) and November (annual awards banquet). Meeting time is 7:00 pm. 

Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month.



Wampanoag Kennel Club Code of Ethics

The member will provide proper socialization, training and health care for all dogs in their keeping.

Always conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner, which will reflect credit on yourself, your breed, and the Wampanoag Kennel Club. Refrain from public criticism or malicious degrading of others or their dogs.

The American Kennel Club General Code of Ethics and their rules, apply to this club and its members as well as anyone accepting AKC jurisdiction.

Any member breeding AKC registered dogs must abide by their AKC breed standard and the ethics of their parent club.

The Wampanoag Kennel Club will not condone cross breeding.  Any member who is found breeding dogs of mixed breeds or intentionally cross breeding will be brought in front of the Board for review and possible termination of membership.

*The Wampanoag Kennel Club has the right to review and take disciplinary action on any violation of this Code of Ethics, under article VI of the Wampanaog Kennel Club by-laws.






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